The Pirate

Throughout the years, I have learned that The Pirate was the exact opposite of what I had originally thought. And throughout high school, I slowly realized the reality of this. The Pirate was unpredictable and as rambunctious as Captain Jack Sparrow himself. His actions were erratic (the most memorable, in my opinion, being the time he paraded a baguette down the hallway). And his personality was just as inconsistent as The Pirate’s actions. Outbursts and antics were always ones to turn heads as well as draw laughs and The Pirate was usually the first to joke.

Physically, The Pirate stood a head and a half higher than I by freshman year (which wasn’t exactly a hard feat). His hair he kept short and somewhat spiky like just whipped chocolate moose. The Pirate had the bulky body structure of an athlete, although I’m quite sure that he did not do any sports. But we were in theater together.

Ironically, The Pirate had played Captain Hook in our freshman musical while I was Wendy. After every show, the whole cast would storm the lobby of the theater to receive flowers from loved ones and “great job”s and in the background you were sure to hear,


I would scamper over (he wasn’t hard to find) and usually find him leaning on an unfortunate stranger who had a hook in their face.

“First mate!” he would yell to me. “I am telling this man about that crocodile going tic tok tic tok!” I gave an apologetic glance to the red haired man in the clutches of my good friend, his glasses nearly slipping off of his nose.

“Captain! You must stop harassing the audience!” I cried in my best British accent.

“Nonsense!” The Pirate would roar and soon stalk off to find another victim¬†audience member, staying in character, perfectly, the whole time. And we would restart the cycle the next night.




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