The Sentinel

The Sentinel was often times next to me and often times would rest an elbow on the top of my head. Never would he say you’re the perfect size but instead came bluntly a,

“You are short.” To which I would often times answer.

“No! You’re just tall!” It seems that I argue with people about height quite often. The Sentinel would offer a half smile, re positioning his elbow or finding another armrest.

The Sentinel looked much older than he was. He seemed to always sit with exquisite posture with back as straight as a ruler. His black glasses would be adjusted every so often with the same hand that ran though the mound of curls atop his head. I found that the way The Sentinel sat reflected how he spoke, which was quite formally. His voice was harsh, but a harsh that had been eroded by waves of softness over his lifetime. But no contractions seemed to spill from his thin lips nor slang of any sorts. These factors combined with his magnificent height made The Sentinel look much older than he was.

His height was most likely the first thing I noticed about him. A head taller than everyone in the room and a head and a half than I. I hung around his circle of friends and colleagues quite often, getting accustomed to the cast of quirky characters, although, they are for a different story.

We would gather in a large circle, wherever we were, many times clogging a busy area. We would simply speak. Nothing more, nothing less, until one of us gets carried away and we scurry off to reform the circle in another place.

On a day when I was more courageous than usual and the circle was again dispersing I marched after The Sentinel and demanded,

“I would like a piggy back ride.” I gulped. He never asked why, but only shrugged and knelt. My head was a scant from bumping against the ceiling as The Sentinel strode along, posture a bit more hunched than usual.

“Is this what it’s like for you all the time?” I asked. He smiled I assume for I couldn’t really tell and made a joke about there not being so much hair in the way.

The circle was reforming only a bit away so The Sentinel set me down and we joined the rest.


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